Analyzing the gut biome

Creating Klok på Mat (my first cook book published in Jan 2018) opened my eyes to the 1,5 kg, trillions of bacteria that live in my gut and of whom my health is so dependent. In fact, research shows that an unbalanced gut biome caused by factors such as over eating, eating mainly processed food, a diet based on red meat heavily influences how health issues and diseases like the metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, diabetes 2 and alzheimers happen.  And I have to admit that it was a bit chocking to me that I was so oblivious about this. So I decided its high time to learn more. Who lives with me?

In the market today there is an increasing amount of home tests available for anybody who is interested in getting ones gut biome analyzed. So I ordered one, which a friend of mine recommended (, did the home sampling (no comment on that one) and posted the sample just today. In a months time Ill get the result – and I cant wait!

The weirdest thing is that in a way I feel as if Im pregnant, having all these small inhabitants living inside and through me. And I think that when I know more I will be more careful in taking their health into consideration when eating and drinking. And living.