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Susanna Bill



Curiosity and challenge drive me to constantly explore in new flavors and recipes i the kitchen, take on the complexities of us as human beings in settings of innovation, and talk about my experiences


After 15 years in Swedish Telecom I decided there has to be more to life than global corporations, resigned from my position as Head of Innovation at Sony Ericsson and began the quest for what to do next. I give inspirational talks, lectures and corporate trainings about how to enhance the capability to innovate. I facilitate meetings and moderate conferences. In 2015 I entered the Swedish version of Masterchef, ending up at third place. Since then I combine my passion for food and Innovation in the kitchen as well as in the board room


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A more traditional approach to innovation focuses on planning for and managing innovation as a strategic corporate project. Structures, processes and how to measure success are set, less effort is put on getting the people on board and fostering a culture in which innovation can flourish.

I focus on making innovation happen with a human centered creative process approach in all of the innovation work I take on. I teach innovation engineering and design thinking for master and graduate students at Lund University, faculty of engineering. I give inspirational talks on conferences and seminars. And train management and development staff in the creative and human perspectives of innovation. 

" Through her excellent skills, action orientated methods and engaging personality, Susanna created as exciting and rewarding afternoon for me and my co-workers. We gained new insights about us as a group and how to get innovation done, and are empowered to tackle up-coming challenges."

Anna Quist - Director Products and Process Sparbanken Skåne







Think about it. Cooking is to go through a creative process - including feedback at the end when your guests tell you what they thought about eating what you prepared.  am a passionate and curious flexitarian and food creator who is constantly searching for new flavors and eating experiences. I cook authentic food for you or your company, infused with love, engagement and care for the produce. I give inspirational talks about food and innovation.

And I am currently working on my first cook book, which will offer tasty delicious food insanely good for you and your health. Find out more here (in Swedish). And I do Food for Thoughts - an immersive workshop during which participants experience a full design thinking cycle - all based on food and working in the kitchen.



To moderate the actual conference is the final step of the creative process of moderating. Diving into them and topics, interviewing the speakers beforehand and take part in designing the flow between speakers, panels and audience interaction is just as important and something that I enjoy doing when asked to moderate.

I love being on stage, I love the fact that despite preparations some degree of improvisation always turns out to be a successful strategy. And I love the energy and dynamics that are created between initiated speakers and the engaged audience. My goal as moderator is always just that. Having lived and worked abroad I am just as comfortable in moderating in English as in Swedish. 

"Susanna really made our conference! Engaged and professional she created energy and structure that profoundly contributed to two very successful days at Packbridge 2016. Her way of connecting speakers and audience in the discussions resulted in the kind of learning process that was truly inspiring for all. If you want a great conference, hire Susanna to moderate it!"

Johan Kristersson, CEO Packbridge